Athlete, The Lucy Show, Graham Parker

Athlete, british band; of harmonious guitars, elegant melodies and soft voice, of the album Tourist it is Street Map, good song. Indie.
banda inglesa; de guitarras armoniosas, cuidadas melodias y voz suave, de su segundo álbum Tourist es Street Map, buena canción. Indie.

01.Athlete - Street Map
(LP "Tourist")

The Lucy Show
, new wave, 8os, london ... with Shame of melancholy sound with style.

The Lucy Show
, new wave, 8os, london... con Shame de sonido melancólico con estilo.

02.The Lucy Show - Shame
(LP "Mania")

Graham Parker, this former gas station attendant and admirer of Bod Dylan, composes songs as Break Them Down. New wave.
Graham Parker, este antiguo gasolinero y admirador de Bod Dylan, nos deja composiciones como Break Them Down. New wave.

03.Graham Parker - Break Them Down
(Lp " Steady Nerves")

Dj Rigel.

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