Session 12.

Mintzkov (photo) group of Belgium, joined the voices and guitars in One Equals A Lot with a strange percussion. The song Nada Surf-Always Love starts slowly with a good voice of Matthew Caws. Thirteen Senses, Moby..., The Blue Aeroplanes-Jacket Hangs is a song with style. Massive Attack hypnotic sound in Weather Storm.
It is curious, Jem (vocalist) she composed music since the age of thirteen to do marvels as They. I finish with Sonic Youth-Kool Thing.
(foto) grupo de Bélgica, unen voces y guitarras en One Equals A Lot con una curiosa percusión todo bien conjuntado. Always Love de Nada Surf con comienzo lento para romper en guitarras suaves que aumenta en intensidad hasta el estribillo gracias a la voz mágica de Matthew Caws. Thirteen Senses,Moby..., The Blue Aeroplanes con Jacket Hangs canción con estilo. Massive Attack de sonido hipnótico en Weather Storm. Curioso el caso de Jem vocalista que compone desde los trece años para hacer maravillas como They. Termino con Sonic Youth y su Kool Thing.

Session 12, DJ Rigel.

01. Green Day - Boulevard of Broken Dreams
02. Mintzkov - One Equals a Lot
03. Nada Surf - Always Love
04. Thirteen Senses - Thru the Glass
05. Moby - Porcelain
06. 9 Lazy 9 - Big Six
07. The Blue Aeroplanes - Jacket Hangs
08. Kaiser Chiefs - Ruby
09. Massive Attack - Weather Storm
10. DJ KRUSH - Candle Chant(A Tribute) ft.BOS
11. Jem - They
12. Sonic Youth - Kool Thing

Jem - They (Video).

DJ Rigel.

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