Session 14.

Aberfeldy (pictured), we opened this session with Love Is An Arrowof of soft, calm sound ... pop .... Download the album Forever Young a little lower. The Bicycles leave us Oh No, It's Love uninhibited and catchy song, you can see the video located below; The Hollies - Bus Stop hit of 1966; after Shearwater - Rooks creating atmosphere.... Here ends the first part to go to elecrodance with 3OH!3 and Cash Cash strong songs with robotic voices. Bloc Party... Anything Box.... We end with the acquaintances The Jesus and Mary Chain and My Bloody Valentine.....
Aberfeldy (foto), abrimos esta sesión con Love Is An Arrow de sonido suave, tranquilo... pop... para descargar el disco Young Forever un poco más abajo; The Bicycles nos dejan Oh No, It's Love canción desenfadada y pegadiza, puedes ver el video también más abajo; nos vamos a sonidos más antiguos hasta The Hollies con Bus Stop éxito de 1966; después Shearwater y Rooks creando atmósfera.... Aquí termina la primera parte para ir a elecrodance con 3OH!3 y Cash Cash canciones enérgicas con voces robóticas. Bloc Party... Anything Box.... Terminamos con los ya conocidos The Jesus and Mary Chain y My Bloody Valentine....

To listen to the Session 14, here:

01. Aberfeldy - Love Is An Arrow
02. The Bicycles - Oh No, It's Love
03. The Hollies - Bus Stop

04. Shearwater - Rooks

05. Smolik - b.rain - b.rain

06. 3OH!3 - Dont Trust Me

07. Cash Cash - Party In Your Bedroom
08. Bloc Party - Helicopter (Whitey Version)
09. Anything Box - Kiss Of Love
10. Alphawezen - Maimouna

11. The Jesus and Mary Chain - April Skies
12. My Bloody Valentine - Thorn

The Bicycles - Oh No, It's Love (videoclip)

DJ Rigel.

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